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Week 11 - Support System
We're not meant to deal with life's problems alone, even though we try. To walk in victory, we need supportive people around us.
Week 12 - Boundaries
Boundaries are important. They help us know where we end and another person begins. Knowing and living with boundaries will give us freedom.
Week 13 - Defensiveness
Sometimes we keep people at a safe distance. Because we've been hurt, we don't let them in. How will God restore this?
Week 14 - Getting too Close
When we overly depend on others, we set them up to be like gods in our lives. How do we have deep friendships, yet keep them healthy?
Week 15 - Bad Habits
We all have bad habits in our lives. Which bad habits are getting in the way of your growth and maturity? What can you do about them?
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