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Lesson Titles

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Week 16 - Healthy Habits
If we focus only on what is wrong, we won't make it very far. Instead, let's explore some positive ways of connecting with God.
Week 17 - Healthy Friendships
How do you develop casual relationships into real friendships? Although making friends can be challenging, it's also very rewarding.
Week 18 - Sharing your struggle
The idea of talking about your personal issues can feel overwhelming! Yet with openness comes many life-changing rewards.
Week 19 - Singleness & Marriage
What does the Lord have in store for you? Singleness or marriage? Taking a look at this can prepare you for the years ahead.
Week 20 - Your Faithful Walk
There are many things that will want to pull you away from your walk with God. Preparing yourself to be victorious, will help you be victorious!
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