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Lesson Titles

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Week 1 - God's Plan
Learn how God desires to bless you in this process and how you can know his good and perfect will.
Week 2 - Feeling Different
Feelings can be very powerful - so powerful that they seem to define you. Let's see the truth in how God sees you.
Week 3 - Enslaved
Our Lord came to set us free - to give us life, and give it to us in all its fullness. Let's learn how God frees us from the things that enslave us.
Week 4 - Feelings and Behaviors
Feelings and behaviors can be deceptive and can give a false picture of who you are. But what does God say about you?
Week 5 - Commitment
Commitment allows us to accomplish what we set out to do in life. Let's examine our commitment to this journey.
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